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Library: The School library is adequately stocked with reference books, periodicals, magazines and educational CDs. The students are encouraged to get the books issued from the library for the development of their reading habits .It consists of about 3366 books under the charge of a qualified and experienced librarian. Every child has to attend the library period once a week for extensive reading. It has an open shelf system so as to allow the students to have a free access to the books.

General science and Mathematics lab: Spacious well equipped lab provides ample opportunity and experience to students to practice with theories they study in the books.

Computer Lab: Computers are the need of the day. The school has a computer Lab fitted with 21 latest computers and Internet facility to impart training to its students, from class 1st onwards.

CCTV Camera: Each class room has CCTV camera for safety of the students.

Projector: The school has a projector to facilitate the students to learn through the educational CDs.

Activity Room for Tiny Tots: A unique activity room for Tiny-Tots to encourage creativity and enjoyment.

Transport: The school has its own bus to carry children to school and back to home. The routes of the school buses are drawn up and parents may consult the Bus Incharge for the necessary details.

Medical Care: First Aid facilities and elementary medical care exist in the school . Parents are immediately informed in all eventualities.

Sports: The School lays special emphasis on the physical activities and sports. The school provides facilities of various games such as Kho-Kho, Table Soccer, Badminton, Ball Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Carom, Cricket, Chess, Karate, Tae kwando, etc.

Fire Extinguisher: The school has 12 fire extinguishers in every nook and corner to protect from fire hazards.

Educational Trips: Educational Trips/Picnics form an important part of our curriculum in overall development of a student. Educational trips are arranged to historical, religious, architectural and archaeological places to imbibe a spirit of adventure.

SMART CLASSROOMS : The school has smart classrooms to make learning effective and interesting.

Music and dance Class: The School has established regular music and dance classes to train young ones in singing and dancing .

Moral Education: The school begins with Vedic mantra-recitation where all students and the staff members are in attendance on a daily basis . Hawan is performed in the School. In the time table, provision has been made for regular period for Dharam Shiksha.

Social Education: The School imparts social education to equip the students with their desired social virtues so they may rise themselves above narrow sectarian concepts. Celebration of festivals and national days help in developing a sense of community and acceptance of religious and cultural diversity.

School Diary/Link Book: The School Diary/Link Book is an important link between the teachers and parents/guardians. Parents are advised to go through the diary of their ward regularly and sign it to acknowledge the remarks made by the teachers. Parents must acquaint themselves of the Rules and Regulations mentioned in the Diary.

Teaching Faculty: The teaching staff consists of highly qualified and trained teachers having good experience and are able to provide the students sufficient exposure in every field of education.

Pure Drinking Water: For safe and purified water the school has aquaguard purifiers to protect the water borne diseases.


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