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Fee Rules

  1. Fee for all classes is charged for 12 months i.e from April to March. All fee dues must be cleared by the 15th of every month. In case of delay, a fine of Rs. 50.00 will be charged till last working day of the month.

  2. The last date of payment of fee dues with the fine is 30th of the month (before 11 a.m.) after which the name would be struck off from the rolls. Re-admission can be granted only at the discretion of the Principal.

  3. Fee once paid is not refundable in any case. Fee for the months of May and June is realised in May and for  February and March in February .

  4. VAN FEE – Van fee is charged for 11 months (i.e. from April to March except June) Van fee must be cleared by 7th of every month failing which a fine of Rs. 50.00 per month is charged. Van facility will be withdrawn for the next month if the fee will not be deposited till the last working day of the month.
                In case the bus goes out of order or when its driver is not available, it becomes  parent’s responsibility to send their child to school and take the child  back home. The school entertains no complaint or claim on account of this unforeseen situation . A parent wishing to withdraw his child from availing the transport facility must inform the school office in writing by the last week of the month for which the transport charges have been paid failing which the parents will have to  pay transport charges for the following month.

  5. The fee card is given to all the students at the commencement of the session. If lost Rs50.00 will be charged for duplicate fee card.

  6. Timings for payment of fee:
    School Fee Counter : 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
    Andhara Bank : SCO 201-204, Sector 17, Chandigarh : 10:00 am to 3:30 pm (Second and Fourth Saturday off)

Leave Rules

  1. No student shall remain absent without prior approval of leave. Leave application must be signed by Parents/ Guardians.
  1. Medical leave must be supported with documentary proof. A student must have 85% attendance during an academic session to make him/her eligible to appear in the final examination.
  1. Short leave or half day leave is not granted. But in case of emergency, parents may come personally to pick up  their wards after informing the class teacher and the Principal .

Examination Rules
1.   Promotion to the next class is granted on the basis of student’s satisfactory performance in Formative assessment (unit test, class test etc.), Summative assessment (Half yearly exam and annual exam) and performance of the child in co-curricular activities(Co-scholastic activities).

2.   No student will be granted exemption from the examination for any reason except that of serious illness (medical certificate will be considered only if it is given by an M.B.B.S. doctor).

3.   Every student has to attend all formative as well as summative assessments.

4.   Students absent from any examination/ assessment  without  any valid reason will not be re-examined .

5.   Unfair means (mobile, paper chits etc) are not at all allowed in the examination hall. If found, the student will himself/herself be responsible for the consequences.

General Rules

  1. A major factor towards success is regularity and punctuality. Any work (home-task) assigned to the students should , therefore , be done in time by the students .
  1. The note-books should be neatly covered and correctly labeled.  Students will  not tear pages from their  diary , note book  ,  or any book . Student will  not deface his / her  books , desks or any school property and shall not  by write on any school property .
  1. Student will get the  diary signed everyday by parents and bring the  text books and note books according to the time table.
  1. The student must wear proper school uniform on all working days.
  1. Student will always  keep the  school campus in a neat and  clean manner  .
  1. Students will  not indulge in swearing, abusing, fighting or littering.
  1. Students will care for the  school property and report any damage to their  class teacher/ office staff immediately.
  1. While walking  for the assembly, the  computer room,  the music room, the library,  the Science lab or the  Maths Lab,  students  will always walk in a line, quietly and without making  disturbing others
  1. The school gate will close 10 minutes after the first bell rings.
  1. No student will bring a mobile phone , electronic gadget ,  walk-man or  jewellery of any kind or  any valuables to school .

Special Instructions For Parents/ Guardians

  1. School Visiting Hours: Parents can meet the Principal on all working days between 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. (except Monday).
  2. Parents must ensure that their wards are regular, punctual , well dressed and always carry their school diary with them. They are requested to check the diaries daily and sign the same so that the teachers and parents remain on the same wave-length.
    3.         Attendance of st
    udents is compulsory in all school activities ( Inter-house competition, inter school competitions , cultural activities and   Annual function etc.)
    4.         Leave application up to 2 days should be addressed to the class teacher and more than 2 days to the Principal.
    5.         Medical leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate from an MBBS doctor .
    6.         No short leave for birthdays, engagements or any other family celebrations  will be granted during school hours.
    7.         Parents are requested to discourage their children  for using two wheelers  for coming to  the school . If at all it is deemed necessary , the child must have the requisite driving license .
    8.         No friends can be permitted even if  allowed by  the parents to visit their ward during school hours. This will not be permitted under any circumstances .
    9.         Please do not send the child  to school if he/she complains of sickness or is suffering from any infectious disease.

A students name is liable to be struck off the rolls for:
1.         Long absence of more than 6 days without information.
2.         Non-payment of dues till last working day of that month.
3.         On grounds of indiscipline.
4.         Use of tobacco (gutka), alcohol ,cigarette or any intoxicant etc.
5.         Damage to school property.

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